Pistachio Trees Available January 20, 2017


*Note: As of February 22, 2017. we are sold out of male trees. They are available again in 2018. We have a limited supply female trees for sale and it is possible to plant up to 5 female trees this year and purchase 1 male next year. Trees mature within 4-5 years. Trees will be for sale again in February of 2018.

We sell Pistachio Trees in the early spring and this is the best time to plant them. Grafted Pistachio Trees will be available to purchase January 20, 2017. We have 3 year old grafted (male and female) pistachio trees for sale again at our Hwy 54/70 location from 9a.m. to 5p.m. daily.  Please call 1-800-368-3081 for more information. We will ship trees at your request, but do not guarantee trees. Trees are $40 plus tax in store and $85 plus tax shipped. Free shipping offers and discounts do not apply towards tree shipments. All tree sales are final. We will provide planting and care instructions. Pistachio trees will grow and produce best in their native climate which is an arid climate. The ideal growing areas for pistachio production are West Texas, Southern NM, Southern Arizona, and central California. States with humidity and freezing temperatures in excess of 1000 hours per year are not recommended growing climates for pistachio trees.