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img-8439.jpgAn outdoor motorized tour of our orchards and vineyards. See and hear how pistachios and grapes grow in our desert climate.  During the months of November through April, the trees and grapes are dormant. Trees begin to leaf out in April. Pistachios can be seen on the tree in July-September. Grapes are visible on the vines in May and June.

Tours are offered daily. Call ahead for groups of 7 or more. Weather permitting, tours are offered 3 times daily. Tours last about 20 minutes. Daily tours begin at 11a.m. , 1p.m. and 3 p.m.. Children under 5 years of age are Free.

Call ahead, 1-800-368-3081 to make sure tours are running. High winds and heavy rain, or winter weather may cancel or delay tour times.

We will schedule special tour times for large groups. We may attempt to accommodate those with special requests or needs for assistance based upon tour time and staff availability. Please call to reserve.


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